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Hauger 4H-farm and Green care farm


We, Helge and Astrid Lindstad, purchased Hauger farm in 1986. The farm is in a rural area, but is also centrally situated and therefore easily accessible. We enjoy working with animals, people and things that grow and prosper. Our challenge is to combine this in such a way as to make a suitable income for Astrid.

Groups from kindergartens and schools visit the farm throughout the year, with the main season being in the spring months. The groups visit for 3 – 4 hours. They are introduced to and get to know the animals, and are taught how to brush and harness a horse. They are given rides with a horse cart and they can hop in the hay. They also have time to eat their lunch packs, as most of these types of visits take part in the mornings.

The children are introduced to the animals on the farm they can hop in the hay and are given a ride in the horse cart. Then they use the room in the barn for eating and receiving their gifts. These parties usually last for 3 hours and are in the afternoons/early evenings or during the morning at weekends.

SCHOOL GROUPS (Skolefritidsordning, SFO)
SFO is an arrangement for children between the ages of 6 – 10 years who stay at school before and after school hours so that they do not have to be at home alone while their parents are at work. There is a fee that parents have to pay. There are a wide variety of activities for these groups, and these activities usually cost extra. We cooperative with SFO at 5 different schools, and offer the children a Farm-activity.
This activity goes over 8 weeks: 2 hour per week. The same children come every time, and there are up to 12 children per group that Astrid takes responsibility for alone. The children come early in the afternoon and help with attending to the animals. There is also time for other activities such as horse riding, horse carting, working with wool, making simple decorations, small tours with reading of fairy tales, wood whittling round a fire in the forest, making charcoal sticks that we draw with later….

Families can come and fetch their own Christmas tree in the forest during the last 3 weekends before Christmas. We take a trip with the horse driven sledge (or wagon if there is no snow). One can chop down their own tree, meet the animals in the stable, ride a poni, hop in the hay and have a hot drink and biscuits at the farm.


The children (aged 7 +) applied beforehand for the weeklong activity that take place every day between the hours of 08.30 – 16.00. The theme for the activity is Caring for the animals and down-to-earth activities at Hauger farm. We extend 4 weeks every summer.

We must not forget that the farm is run on traditional farming. The animals are production animals that will be slaughtered for food when the time for that comes. This stand for 0,3 of a year`s animal production. We have a forest balance quantity of 50 m3, and fell also wood burning for own use.

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